T-Shirt for your Time? Try Expedited WAF. Get a Free Tee.

You'll Look Better Secured

Help us make every website Strong and Secure by wearing our T-Shirt.

While the soft, smooth fabric used in our American Apparel printed T-Shirt is unlikely to stop web attacks, malicious bots, or other Internet weirdness; Expedited WAF will.

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    Get to know Expedited WAF

    OPTION 1: Install on Heroku

    Search for 'Expedited WAF' from the 'Resources' page of your Heroku app, or add us from our Heroku Elements page at:


    OPTION 2: Book A Demo

    Take 30 minutes and find out exactly how a WAF will protect your apps, what it takes to get started and get answers to any questions you might have.

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    Give it a Week

    Over the next 7 days enjoy the security and peace of mind that comes with Expedited WAF deflecting attacks, probes and bots before they can touch your Heroku app.

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    Let Us Know Where to Ship

    Email support@expeditedsecurity.com with your T-Shirt Size, Mailing Address (US/Canada only) and the most interesting threat found by Expedited WAF and we'll ship your shirt in a few business days.