About A team of dedicated security professionals

Why Expedited Security

Our mission is to improve the security of every web application.

  • Application and Security Consulting

    We got our start building custom web applications for the US Navy, 3M Health Information Services and other high security environments with significant compliance requirements.

    To this day our team is still primarily drawn from the veteran community.

  • Expedited SSL

    In 2014 we launched Expedited SSL - a service to automate the installation, maintenance and renewal of SSL/TLS certificates on cloud platforms.

  • IP Investigator

    In 2016 we released a public API exposing our network investigation tools, letting developers build threat intelligence scoring into their own applications.

  • Expedited WAF

    In 2019 we relased Expedited WAF - a preconfigured and tuned Web Application Firewall that can safely be dropped in front of any web app to instantly improve its security profile.

  • Today

    We're continuing on our mission to deliver security products and services that developers can readily use to protect user data, secure their SAAS and feel confident in their security posture.