Expedited WAF Web Application Firewalls Tuned for Cloud Applications

Internet of Attacks

Automatically stop web attacks, prevent DDoS disruptions, and speed up your site.

Trashy bots, automated exploits, and attackers are looking to rip the data out of your application. Expedited WAF sits between your application and the raw Internet.

Stop Attacks

By automatically blocking requests matching patterns of Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF), Cross Site Scripting (XSS), SQL Injection and thousands of other specific attacks web framework and Content Management System attackes, we’ve formed an Intrusion Detection System that stops attacks before they hit your application.

Enforce Security

It's easy to slightly misconfigure the SQL Injection prevention in Rails, Djano or Express. It's trivial to forget to set the right combination of HTTP security headers on an application.

Expedited WAF sits in front of your application and ensures consistent protection across your application.

Block Bots & Baddies

A storm of HTTP requests from a well meaning but screwed up API client, a DDoS attack or a Chinese search engine bot run amok (all actual attacks we've helped stop) all have the same result: taking your site offline if you haven't prepared.

Expedited WAF blocks bots before an attack occurs and helps prevent further issues.

Defense in Depth

Expedited WAF provides an additional layer of armor to your web applications.

Authentication Protection

Expedited WAF stops bots and anonymous proxies (often used to mask attackers) from connecting to your login pages.

Unable to connect: attackers look for easier targets that are more likely to be vulnerable.

Update Safety Net

Django, Rails, Express and every other web framework have an unending stream of updates you need to apply to stay secure.

Attackers can ship exploits faster than you can add, test and deploy. Expedited WAF stops categories of attacks, not just specific exploits giving you breathing room.

Immutable Security Configuration

Too often web application security relies upon developers doing everything exactly right every single time.

Expedited WAF enforces security best practices and configurations to all requests.

Faster Security Features

Your backlog probably contains a dozen potential security improvements you'll get to "next sprint" but that continually slip.

Expedited WAF lets you drop in security controls today. Go from start to secure in about 15 minutes.

Why Expedited WAF?

Security solutions that require deep integrations, loads of ramp up time and overly complex configurations are a no go. Expedited WAF is designed to be a straightforward. Sane, secure defaults immediately start protecting your application.

Web Intrusion Detection

At the core of Expedited WAF is an intrusion detection system built upon the knowledge gained protecting thousands of sites from attack. Inspecting each web request prior to passing it to your app allows Expedited WAF to prevent many of the SQL Injection, XSS and CSRF attacks that might otherwise harm you.

GDPR, CCPA, and PCI Compliance

Need to meet compliance requirements for GDPR, CCPA PCI or other data security or privacy regulation? Expedited WAF can help you tick the checkboxes that you need. By enforcing the latest SSL/TLS versions and formats, providing out of the box security controls to lock down access and auditable reports where and how attacks orginate Expedited WAF can meet or exceed compliance requirements.

Site Speed Up

Security that prevents users from getting what they need done is pointless. Which is why Expedited WAF is built on a global system of networked datacenters that strategically cache content and speed delivery of your site.