Expedited Security Security as a Service for Heroku, AWS and Google Cloud Applications

Design Philosophy

Security services designed to be straightforward, easy to understand and rapidly deployed.

Sensible Defaults

A security solution you can't get into action for months leaves you exposed. We're constantly evaluating what the best options are given platform specific configurations and threats.

The end result: a system you can put in front of your existing applications and immediately see security improvements

Easily Configured

Many of the worst hacks and data breaches of the last decade weren't caused by lack of security tools; but their misconfiguration.

It's terrifically easy to add the wrong IP, remove the rule keeping a DDoS in check or miss an update any of which can end in catastrophe - which is why we've designed safeguards, checks and guides into all aspects of our services.

Automatically Updated

Modern web applications have too many moving parts to keep it all in your head, and there is a constant, unending stream of updates, advisories and warnings you need to pay attention to manually secure your applications.

You need automated assistance to stay on top.

Why customer trust us


Customers Trust Expedited Security

We've helped thousands of sites weather millions of page visits, attacks and malicious bots.

Our Suite of Security Services

Each service is independent. They can be added to your application in any configuration.

Protect your applications with
Expedited WAF

A Web Application Firewall pre-tuned for your cloud platform.

  • Block Malicious Bots
  • Automatically Stop SQL Injections, XSS and CSRF attacks
  • Apply Per Page Protections
  • Accellerate your site with caching

Encrypt your site communications with
Expedited SSL

Rapidly provision, install and renew SSL Certificates for your websites.

Purchasing and installing a custom SSL Certificate on your Heroku instance is fraught with peril. You have to make determinations about keysizes, generate CSRs, differentiate between FQDN's and common names and fill out fields on a command line correctly or face rejection in the form of an obscure error message.

Expedited SSL takes the hassle, complexity, risk and time out of getting your site secured.

Plans and Pricing

Build threat intelligence into your apps with
IP Investigator

Use the IP Investigator REST API to check if IP Addresses are proxies, bots or known malware hosts.

IP Investigator collates dozens of disparate data sets and security reports every day to keep up with new proxy providers, bot farms, and other bad hosts.

Plans and Pricing

Answers to common questions

Anything not covered here, please email support

We hate it when companies disappear after you give them your money, which is why all of our sales and support is handled by the same team of engineers.

All Expedited Security products are provisioned and paid for through the cloud platforms they are embedded in: Heroku, Amazon Web Services and the Google Cloud Platform.

Not all products are available on all platforms.

Most support responses are sent within an hour of submission. Weekends, Evenings and Holidays there may be longer delays, but we have a hard policy of 24 hour response times.

We are able to provide a high level of support as we have invested a significant amount of effort into making our application configuration as "done for you" as possible. We import your environment's configuration, apply sensible defaults and cram as much guidance as possible into the configuration and admin screens.

Our services operate from the assumption that you currently have a functioning website/application that is reachable via a browser. From that common basis we are able to then layer in SSL and Web Application Firewall services to better secure your site.
Definitely Yes, you can contact us at support@expeditedsecurity.com to let us know your needs. We're happy to consult with you on how best to migrate your existing applications to bring on new security tools.