Expedited Security & CertSimple

Cert Simple Acquisition

In early 2020 Expedited Security acquired CertSimple's domain, site, and other non-customer assets.

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    What was acquired?

    Digital non-customer data assets: the CertSimple.com domain was redirected to ExpeditedSecurity.com, and the blog was ported over.

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    I was a CertSimple customer, does Expedited Security have my data?

    In keeping with best data governance practices and the privacy policy, terms of service, and contracts of Cert Simple your data was deleted. Expedited Security does not have any means or ability to access it.

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    My EV certificate is expiring and I need help renewing it.

    If you would like to continue using an EV certificate as part of the security infrastructure for your site, please contact Digicert for assistance.

    If you would like to upgrade your security and layer in security controls like automatic blocking of anonymous proxies, IP restrictions, bot identification, and geo-filtering, please check out Expedited WAF

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    We at Expedited Security have always been fans of Cert Simple's mission to make securing websites faster and easier. It's an ethos that we share, and we wish the Cert Simple team the best in their new ventures.